Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese

Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese
Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese 2

Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese

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Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese has been crafted since the 12th century using the same recipe.

Today more than 160 creameries in small villages throughout a designated area in Switzerland carry on this same tradition. Not only do farmers feed their cows a naturally sustainable diet of pasture grass in the summer and hay in the winter. Cheesemakers also incorporate only the freshest milk supplied twice a day from nearby farms, then craft exclusively in copper vats to impart a unique, complex character that connoisseurs crave. Slowly matures in the cave-like atmosphere of cellars, each wheel is delicately turned, lightly brined and brushed.

What does Le Gruyere Gourmet Cheese taste like?

This cheese is dense and smooth, with complex, beefy, and nutty flavors.

Pairing: Goes well with full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon paired with our Cured Meats.

Texture: Semi-Hard cheese 

Origin: Switzerland

Milk: Cow


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