Why Frozen Wagyu Beef is Fresher Than You Think

by George Gonzalez

Many people believe that frozen beef isn’t fresh and therefore not suitable for consumption, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. In fact, there’s nothing fresher than flash-frozen beef! The reality is, flash freezing beef is a 100% natural way of preserving it—with no use of artificial preservatives! But why is that?

The process of flash freezing involves locking in all the nutrients and minerals in the meat and preserving it. This means that when you’re ready to defrost and start prepping your beef, it will be as tender and fresh as the day it was harvested.  Just imagine having this convenience and being able to eat an Australian Wagyu or Japanese Wagyu Steak right at home!

Behind the Scenes: A Look into the Flash Freezing Process

Flash freezing is simply the process of freezing the food item (or beef in this case) with cold air that circulates at extremely low temperatures. The ice crystals formed during the freezing process are smaller and therefore expose the meat to less moisture.

When it comes to preserving meat, the speed of freezing is an essential factor—the slower the freezing, the bigger the ice crystals formed in between the meat’s fibers. This results in the meat’s nutritious juices being pushed out. Slow freezing happens when you store meat in your home freezer—which is designed to keep frozen foods cold, not freeze them. When you defrost the meat, you’ll notice it is void of all juices.

However, when it comes to flash freezing, tiny ice crystals form in the meat and allow the meat’s nutrients and flavor to remain. Later, the meat is taken out of the freezer, packed into vacuum-sealed packages, and brought straight to your table. The result is fresh, nutritious, and juicy beef ready to be served as a delicious meal.

What Are Some Benefits of Flash-Frozen Beef?

Forked Wagyu Beef

Beef stored at refrigerated temperatures has a limited shelf life in comparison to beef that’s flash-frozen. On the flip side, flash-frozen beef will last for around a year in a home freezer. Once taken out, it’ll thaw quickly and will look, feel, and taste as fresh as it did before it was frozen. The rich flavor, nutrients, and texture of the beef will retain a farm-fresh quality.

Another benefit of flash freezing your meat is that it leads to less waste. While conventionally frozen beef has a higher potential for bacterial contamination and growth, this is not the case with flash-frozen beef. No matter how much beef you store in your freezer, it won’t go to waste. Why is that? That’s because of the vacuum-sealing packaging the beef comes in. It deprives the beef of the oxygen needed for mold or bacteria to grow.

Buying flash-frozen meat will save you so much time, effort, and money in the long run. It cuts down on food wastage, allows you to store a variety of meats, and grants you access to farm-fresh beef all year round.

Over at Meat Your Cheese, we aim to bring you top-quality meats and the best possible experience. From the farm to the freezer, and finally, to your fork—this is the lifecycle of our flash-frozen beef.